Born in 2016 from the will of Jean-Maurice Belayche, Philippe Méaille and François Morellet, the François Morellet Prize is the only prize to which François Morellet agreed to give his name.
Every year, it rewards a literary work or an author for his commitment to contemporary art. It is part of a collaboration between the Château de Montsoreau – Museum of Contemporary Art and the National Book and Wine Days (Saumur).


The François Morellet Prize trophy was designed by Pascal Morabito. After completing his studies in architecture, he opened the first artists‘ jewellery department in the family workshops on 3 May 1968, entitled „the centre for the study and creation of contemporary jewellery or micro-architecture“. Pascal Morabito works in the fields of luxury. Passionate about archaeology, he creates his products in the same way that the archaeologist gives light to the dark millennia through his discoveries.

2016: Catherine Millet