The first François Morellet Prize was awarded on April 10, 2016 to Catherine Millet for her body of critical work.
Catherine Millet then pointed out that she had chosen for the cover of the first edition of her book l’Art Contemporain en France a photo of François Morellet’s famous neon light. She also drew a parallel between the works of the Art & Language collective exhibited at the Château de Montsoreau – Museum of contemporary art and the work of François Morellet: « There is a continuity between this very geometric and rigorous art form practised (with a lot of humour) by François Morellet and Art & Language composed of a group of very theoretical and funny artists ».

De gauche à droite: Philippe Méaille, Frédéric Morellet, Danielle Morellet, Michel Onfray, Jean-Maurice Belayche