Just 500 years ago Martin Luther (1483-1546) changed the course of Western civilization by placing his 95 theses on the doors of the Wittenberg church, violently condemning the indulgence trade practiced by the Catholic Church. Through this performative gesture, which takes over the urban space and addresses the whole world, Luther accuses, challenges and affirms his convictions. This gesture would give birth to the Protestant church.
On the occasion of this anniversary date, the Château of Montsoreau-Museum of contemporary art gave carte blanche to today’s protesters – artists, philosophers, museum directors – to each create a poster.

From poster to book
PROTEST is an edition containing a presentation text and six posters.
PROTEST is sent by post to museums and art centres around the world so that they can display one or more of these posters on their doors if they so wish.
The existence of PROTEST in the urban space is therefore conditioned by the willingness of museums to accept to display these reflections and manifestos in their own space.
The display of the works in the urban space will be relayed on social networks on October 31.
Published in 1000 copies, PROTEST is curated by Fabien Vallos and co-edited with Mix Editions.

The PROTEST edition will be launched twice, one at the Château of Montsoreau-Museum of contemporary art on 31 October 2017 (anniversary date), the other on 2 November at Florence Loewy Bookstore Paris.
A study day organized in partnership with the ESBA-TALM of Angers will take place on November 22nd at the Château of Montsoreau – Museum of Contemporary Art..

In Berlin, Kassel and Wittenberg, the exhibition Luther und die avant-garde focuses not on the historical figure of Luther but on his ability to shake up the established order to propose a new vision of society.

31/10/17, 6:30 pm: launch and dedication.
Librairie du Château of Montsoreau-Museum of contemporary art.

02/11/17, 6:30 pm: launch and dedication.
Florence Loewy Bookstore.
9 rue de Thorigny, Paris 3.

22/11/17, 10am-5pm: study day.
Château of Montsoreau – Museum of Contemporary Art.
in partnership with ESBA TALM Angers