Located in the former kitchens of the chateau, the Jean 2 restaurant offers dishes made with local, organic and artisanal products, accompanied by natural wines. It has a panoramic terrace with a view of the Loire.
Named Jean 2 in homage to John II of Chambes – close advisor to Charles VII – who had the chateau built in the 15th century – the dining cellar is divided into two atmospheres: a vaulted, cosy, intimate and relaxed room with a library corner to devour a comic book or an art book, a novel or a collection of poetry, in complete serenity and a terrace, for summer days, with its roof top overlooking the confluence of the Vienne and the Loire.

As for the cuisine, Jean 2 offers a variety of slates made with local products: organic or artisanal pork and cheese, organic burgers and soups, accompanied by a glass of natural wine.

Chaffardon Jean 2 Terrasse

Didier Chaffardon, The Rouzé, 2012. Terrasse of Jean 2

On the decoration side, the music inspires the place
On the walls, collector vinyl covers remind us that the Art & Language movement – whose avant-garde works are presented in the chateau – has collaborated on several albums by the psychedelic rock group Red Crayola.


Our selection of natural wines

Domaine le Clos Mélaric, Bille de Roche, 2014
Domaine de l’Ecu, Granite, 2014
Domaine de l’Ecu, Orthogneiss, 2014
Domaine Léonis, Buissonnante, 2015
Domaine de la Chevalerie, Diptyque, 2014
Domaine Bordes, les Marys, 2013
Domaine Gramenon, Poignée de Raisins, 2015
Domaine le Sot de l’Ange, Sottise, 2015
Domaine de la Paleine
Domaine la Tour Grise, Ze Bulle Zéro Pointé
Didier Chaffardon, Clopin Clopant
Domaine le Sot de l’Ange, Red is Dead


To eat

Slate of organic cheeses and/or delicatessen (rillettes from Thiol, ham, sausage, rillauds from Branchereau, Andouille from Bernardeau, goat cheese from the Haut Crué cheese dairy): 15€
The classic: 14,50€
The vegetarian, homemade french fries: 14,50€
Steack Tartare: 16€
Large seasonal salad: 11€


JEAN 2 restaurant is open all year round by reservation for groups. It is possible to privatize the interior room (35 people) and the terrace (45 people) for lunches and dinners.

Menu at 15€
Montsoreau Soup
Slate of cheese and delicatessen
Homemade dessert

Menu at 25€
Lea Linster Carrot Soup
Slate of porkGoat cheese from the Haut Crué cheese dairy
Plum pie from Master Bernard

Informations / reservations

Opening hours

Monday: lunchtime
from Thursday to Saturday: lunch and dinner
Sunday: lunchtime
closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Monday: lunch and dinner
Thursday to Saturday: lunch and dinner
Sunday: lunchtime
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Monday: lunch
Tuesday: lunch and dinner
Friday and Saturday: lunch and dinner
Sunday: lunch
Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Passage du Marquis de Geoffre – 49730 Montsoreau
Admission (free) through the museum ticket office.
Reservations on 02 41 67 12 60 60
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Homemade cheeseburger with fried minced meat and spicy carrot salad on a cutting board on rustic wooden background.Copy space.